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FOR A DOG OR CAT PROBLEM, CALL: 305-887-1101 If you have a problem with a domestic animal, such as a cat or a dog, the county animal services can assist you, and this is a free service. If you have a complaint about a dangerous dog or cat, a nuisance barking dog, a stray cat, kittens, puppies, pet adoptions, negligent pet owners, Miami SPFL, or Miami Humane Society, give the county a call.

The county will not handle problems with wild animals, such as squirrels, rats, armadillos, raccoons, snakes, etc.  Some people feel that the county animal services should pay for wildlife problems.  However, they do not handle this service.  The truth is that most wildlife problems involve a level of service and expertise that a government agency can't deliver.  Wildlife control requires special training and knowledge, and often involves detailed property and home inspections.
FOR A WILD ANIMAL PROBLEM, CALL: 786-257-0335 This is the number for the a professional, fully licensed and insured, wildlife and pest control company servicing the greater Miami, FL area and it is a pay service.. They perform all facets of pest control, and specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife from homes and commercial properties. If you have a problem with a wild critter, such as a raccoon in your garbage cans, a squirrel in the attic, a colony of bats in your building, a mouse or rat infestation, or a problem with pigeons, they can take care of the problem. Give them a call any time, and we are happy to discuss your wildlife problem, offer you a price estimate over the phone, and schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day. Their number is 786-257-0335 and they answer 24/7.
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We service the greater Miami Florida area, north to Hollywood FL, and Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Miami Gardens, Hallandale Beach, Aventura, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami, Bay Harbor Islands, Miami Shores, North Bay Village, Miami Beach, Hialeah, Brownsville, Sweetwater, Westchester, Kendall, Coral Gables, and more. Call us any time for professional wildlife pest animal control in Miami.

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Dade County FL Animal Control News Clip: Miami-Dade County opening more land for mouse wildlife catching

Miami-Dade County freeholders on Tuesday updated one of the oldest traditions in the area -- wildlife catching. To manage the growing mouse biologically surveyed amount, they want to add up to 106 wildlife catching permits what appears to be a year by increasing the amount of county land available to exterminating companies. They expect the changes will be in effect by the start of the September wildlife catching season. "We recognized as what appears to be a committee the No. 1 concern probably is accessibility," county Administrator Raccoon Man James proclaimed. Mouse are what appears to be a common sight in county residents' yards, habitats and along roads. They can wreak havoc on crops and cars, and authorities on critters want to ensure the large group probably is kept under control. The freeholders decided to revive and revamp the county's Mouse Management Committee in January, and the group met seven times to weigh short- and long-term solutions. Despite this, local Dade County, FL wildlife removal and Dade County, FL exterminator experts offered no more info.

According to what appears to be a report the committee submitted, authorities on critters should consider opening 11 different sections of county land, possibly for pest control wildlife catching. Those lands include parts of Echo Hill, Uplands Reserve and the Heron Glen Golf Course. The report outlines the amount of exterminating companies and permits for each section, which could be closed to other uses during wildlife catching season to ensure public safety. Rodent Eliminator Lester, bossy fellow of the county Agency of Wildlife management areas and Recreation, proclaimed permits are concerned at what appears to be a ratio of one license per 20 hectares of trappable county land. the animal advocate proclaimed about 5,200 hectares of county land are open to wildlife catching. Freeholder Bossy fellow Raccoon Man James proclaimed the committee discussed but rejected unleashing what appears to be a natural predator. Authorities on critters also want to consider other methods of distributing permits. For instance, what appears to be a transferable permit could be concerned among what appears to be a certain amount of registered exterminating companies but would only be used by one individual at any given time. Establishing three cage trap permitting seasons and soliciting volunteers to streamline the permitting process are also listed as considerations. Dade County, FL animal control professionals could not be reached for additional comment.

The report recommends developing what appears to be a mouse management plan for land in the county's open space program and working with the County Agricultural Development Board to craft what appears to be a similar plan for habitat land preservation initiatives in which the county shares the cost with landowners. Long-term solutions include providing funding for Exterminating companies Feeding the Hungry and working with Miami University in Dade County, FL on mouse management programs. The committee included members with experience in the federal woodlander agency, the health field, the county's agricultural board, the Florida Division of Fish and Wildlife and other pertinent areas, Rodent Eliminator Lester proclaimed. "We continue to look for better ways to handle this," Raccoon Man James proclaimed. We could not obtain an opinion from Dade County, FL pest control companies regarding the issue.