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Miami Opossum Control & Removal

About Opossums: Opossums are unique animals. They are marsupials, which means that the mother gives birth to teensy tiny young that actually grow in a pouch. The opossum has a prehensile tale, opposable thumbs, and sometimes play dead. Possums frequently eat garbage and pet food, and often live under sheds or even crawl up into the attics of homes.

Opossums are a common nuisance animal in southeast Florida. In Miami and Miami-Dade County, possum have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area. If you need a professional solution for your Miami possum problem, give us at A Wildlife Pro a call.

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Miami Opossum Control Emails:

hey there, I live in Miami at Aloma Ave and Seminole Ave in Miami-Dade County. I'm having a problem with a female possum that keeps coming in my back yard and I know she has at least one baby if not more. She was nesting below my hot tub, because I had the side cover off for awhile because it's broken. Well, I put the cover back on and now she keeps coming in the back yard chewing the wood trying to get in. Also, noticed she has at least one baby inside the side covered area because I saw one peek out, but didn't see the mother today as I found where it was getting in at the fence line and blocked the whole, however I hear they can climb fences etc. So, I guess I need to know how to proceed.... setting a trap? How much for how long? How does this all work? Thanks Rob

My name is Michelle, I live in Miami FL. I have had a possum that I would love to get rid of. He is very large in size. He has been eating well from my cats food. So I moved it even closer to the house and he still came for it. Do they kill cats? I have also had 3 of them(cats) disappear recently. I am concern for them. I volunteer for WOOFF so I have quite a few cats. Some of them are wild. However they stay close to our home. Who can help me dispose of this possum? Please help me out. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Michelle