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Miami Snake Control & Removal

About FL Snakes: Most snakes are not venomous. However, if you are ever unsure about the species of snake that you see, you should leave it alone. Florida does host several species of venomous snakes. Most bites occur when people try to catch or handle these reptiles. We have professional snake handling equipment that makes the removal of unwanted snakes both outside and inside the home safe.

Snakes are a common nuisance reptile in southeast Florida. In Miami and Miami-Dade County, snakes have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many properties in the area. If you need a professional solution for your Miami snake problem, give us at A Wildlife Pro a call.

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Miami Snake Control Emails:

Saw your web site. Recently purchased home in MIAMI FLA - currently living in NJ. Wanted to do some snake hunting - not familiar w/area. I am not interested in killing snakes - although if I caught a large diamond back might want to keep "one" for skin; meat etc.. I am most interested in catch; photo; release and learning more about their habitat. I have looked for any "guides" for hire that would take me on a one-day-hunt. Although I have done on my own and caught some timber rattlers and copperheads in PA - not familiar w/any public land in FLA or even the best areas to look for them. Do you ever "guide"? would you consider or do you know someone? Last resort is to get recommendation from Fish & Game Dept. Odd request perhaps but thought I'd ask. Appreciate your time. Regards, Charlie.

Okay David.....we are freaked out here in south Florida. We found a brown venomous snake yesterday nesting on the back steps of our patio. After doing much browsing on the web, we were surprised to read that they're native to your area...the coast. Well, today we found two more! One was found near the same area and the other, THE BIG MAMA-JAMA, was found nesting under our trash can. She was watching over her 3 HUGE egg nests. The look exactly like your photos. We killed yesterday's catch, but we have Mama and her sacks in a snake catcher, along with the smaller one. What to do? Is this normal that they're here? Those crazy snake skins are all over the place. I feel like we've been invaded. Does regular 'ol bug/snake spray work to ward them off? I have little ones who love to play in the yard and I'm now certifiably creeped out and paranoid. Help! What else do you know about these guys? janet & christina

I am trying to identify a small snake in my garage..... He was on the top of my washer, approximately a foot long, color was light gray with dark markings. His head seemed to be somewhat triangular....not smooth like a garter snake. Not sure what that's indicative of but I know the pit vipers have a triangular head. Also, is it true that poisonous snakes cannot climb? If this is true then the snake in my garage would be non-poisonous, correct? Thank you for your help, Pam Miami, FL