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Miami Squirrel Control & Removal

About Squirrels: The Eastern Gray Squirrel loves to live inside the attics of Florida homes. Squirrels have two litters of young per year, in late summer and late winter, so people often notice the scurrying of young squirrels in the attic in September or March. Squirrels are rodents, who love to chew on the woodwork of your home, and the electrical wiring inside your attic. We are experts at trapping and removal, plus total "squirrel-proofing" of your house.

Squirrels are a common nuisance animal in southeast Florida. In Miami and Miami-Dade County, squirrel have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area.

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Miami Squirrel Control Emails:

Hi Miami Animal Control, I have heard and now seen squirrels in the soffits of my house possibly attic? I have heard them for a while, months, thought they were just on the roof and gutter area, usually in the am. saw at least a dozen all sizes all over my roof, just staring me down for a long time. I am out of town but my 23 year old son lives there, but works every day 8:30 to 6:30. I would like to get you over to take care of this issue and seal the entry or entries ASAP. I had roof rats last year but got rid of them and everything was suppose to be sealed, now squirrels? It is in Waterford Lakes. Please call my cell so we can get going on this. I can give you my cc info. over the phone, etc. Thanks a lot, Mike

For the past month or so, there has been a squirrel in my attic. We have tried everything from cages to month balls to fox urine to try and get rid of it, but nothing seems to be helping. Is there any other suggestions that might help get rid of the squirrel?

Hi, Was looking at your web site last night and must say, that I found it extremely informative, so thanks for all your work. ..... We've had a squirrel in our attic for about 5 weeks now, the council have been out four times and taken one away. The hole in the roof that they were getting in has now been sealed, but unfortunately, there is one still stuck up there. Hopefully, the council are coming sometime today, but my concern is, is there any way that they can contaminate the water tank? Bit worried, if it's no food or water, that it might get into our main tank. Both my husband and myself were ill during the night and am trying to eliminate the water element. Thanks Karen