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Miami Mouse and Rat Control & Removal

About Rats: The rats in Florida are Roof Rats (rattus rattus). They commonly enter homes and attics, and can be heard at night scampering across the ceiling or up and down the walls. They are common disease vectors, and as rodents, they pose a threat with their chewing. Chewing on electrical wires can create a fire hazard. The only way to solve a rat problem is by finding and sealing all points of entry shut. Never use poison for rat control! Only creates a bigger problem!

Rats and mice are common nuisance rodents in southeast Florida. In Miami and Miami-Dade County, rats have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area.

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Miami Rat Control Emails:

Hello! I'm from Miami and recently moved away from a rat-infested home. At the time, my landlord claimed they were "mice" and that it was "our responsibility" to take care of the problem. The problem was, the rats had completely infested the whole unit -- we were regularly killing babies and adults with traps, and every day killing at least 10 flies. We finally got out of there. The night before we moved out, a rat was in our bedroom. My fiancée tried to kill it by smashing it against the wall with my dresser, but unfortunately it founds way inside the drawers. It stayed there all night, and the next day he had to play a game of opening up the drawers because it kept going up and down. Eventually he slammed a drawer on its leg, which broke it and the rat got tired and was caught. Well, now I'm uncertain what to do with my dresser. I've already cleaned the clothes in hot water and detergent, but I'm worried the shelves are not sanitary. Am I crazy for worrying about this? Or is there something I can do? Or should I just get a new dresser? Anyway, sorry about the long-winded e-mail -- let me know if you have any suggestions! Ali

Excellent website! Shame you don’t live in Miami FL. I’m rather fond of rats but I have a bunch that has moved into the old caravan. They have shredded everything they can, foam insulation, curtains, etc. And have made themselves a very comfy nest. However their toilet habits are disgraceful. They are shitting on absolutely everything. I’d expect them to have some standards and keep some areas feces free. Guess I should go and kill them. Kind Regards Kath