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What Is a Snare Pole and How to Use it?

If you have an unwanted wild animal on your Miami property, you will want to explore your options to find out what will work best in your situation. No matter what you choose, you should act quickly to minimize the damage the animal can cause.

What is a Snare Pole?
A snare pole or a catch pole is one of the most commonly used devices by expert control officers. Animal snare poles are especially designed to protect the Florida animal and the handler. It is often used for catching cats and dogs, but is also used for catching large reptiles.

Catch Poles during Medieval Times
During the medieval times, snare poles or catch poles were used to catch criminals although the design was different. Authorities during those times were harsh and tools like “neck traps” were used to catch and control prisoners.

How to Use a Snare Pole
In snaring wildlife, keep in mind that the snare pole or catch pole is created to mildly get animals to safety. It is not used as a weapon for to do so would mean danger to both the animal and the handler.
1. Slowly use the snare pole to snare Miami wildlife. Approach the target animal slowly; hold your snare pole behind your back with the loop cable hanging. Holding the catch pole up high would threaten the animal and it can get away from you.
2. Properly use both of your hands in slipping the loop around the wildlife’s neck. The snare pole is especially made to control the animal.
3. Keep a distance while holding the snare pole. Your body should be kept at a distance from the pole so as to give space for movement and not intimidate the wildlife you caught.
4. Just loosen the cord when placing the Florida wildlife into a cage, carefully closing the door, and then remove the snare pole. Carefully loosen the cable as you place your catch inside the cage after which you remove the catch pole slowly.

Restraining Wildlife
Snare poles can be used to restrain wildlife such as raccoons. They should not be looped at the neck only but around the neck and under their front legs. Wildlife is still considered as prey animals, so it’s natural for them to feel threatened once they are caught. The handler should be cautious in his movements and refrain from grabbing the animal or tightening the cable which can suffocate it. The main purpose of the snare pole is to safeguard the life of the Miami animal without causing physical harm and place it in a safe place where it can still survive away from the dangers of the city life.

A Humane Way to Catch Wildlife
Using the snare pole or catch pole is one of the most humane ways of catching and removing wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and rats, among others compared to resorting to traps that can easily kill them, pesticides, and other dangerous methods.

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